Pedal-Powered Arcade

A range of pedal-powered attractions for all occasions

cleOur Pedal-Powered Arcade gives you a choice of seven static pedal-powered attractions, suitable for all occasions. You can hire a single attraction, selection or the entire Arcade as a standalone booking, or add one or more of these attractions to your Cycle Try-Out, Bike Doctor or any other type of event. The following attractions make up the Pedal-Powered Arcade:

These are regularly booked for public and corporate events which aim to draw people into conversations on sustainability, health and wellbeing, as well as being used at fundraisers and to gather a crowd at festivals and fetes. All of the Pedal-Powered Arcade attractions are generally suitable for ages seven and over (due to the size of the static bikes).

Our Pedal-Powered Arcade is versatile and can operate indoors or out – we bring small high quality marquees to protect from the weather when necessary. Our professional and friendly team are on hand to encourage and facilitate, to ensure everyone is using the attractions safely and having lots of FUN!

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Smoothie Maker

A fun attraction which encourages healthy eating and exercise. The Smoothie Maker sees cyclists generate the power needed to create a choice of delicious smoothie. The attraction is managed by a member of the Everybody's Cycling team (qualified to Level 2 Certificate in Food & Hygiene), with all ingredients, biodegradable cups and equipment included to create a pop-up 'smoothie station' tailored to your event.

Velodrome Racing

This static, cycle-racing game requires two competing riders to generate some pedal-power and race each other around the interactive velodrome track. LED lights and sound effects follow the progress of each cyclist and the first one over the line is the winner! This attraction is perfect for creating a bit of friendly rivalry between families, friends and colleagues.

Music Player

Colourful music player with lights in an eye catching dome. Hand crank or pedal to make wonderful music for everyone, amplified by powerful speakers with sound control. Your music or ours!

Bubble Frog

A fantastic choice to create sensory stimulation, engage a younger audience or provide a link to the natural world. Our giant yellow frog is attached to a static bike – the rider cycles to generate the power required to create hundreds of bubbles, which come out of the frog’s mouth. Great when used by the side of a Try-Out track to add some extra atmosphere!

Scalextric Track

Our two-track Scalextric® racing game is popular everywhere it goes. The faster you pedal the faster your car goes around, so another great option to bring out the competitive nature of your attendees. We’re always happy to point out that these cars are electric-powered, which gets people thinking when used at events with an environmental theme.

Ride Simulator

The Bike Simulator is a challenging and fun attraction. The graphics take participants on a designated track, whilst the rest of the equipment tracks the distance travelled and the speed achieved by the rider. A lovely Everybody's Cycling team member will be on hand to log track times and speeds and to motivate the competitive spirit - be it within a workplace or used at a public or private event.


This attraction, beautifully decorated in fairground style, uses the participant’s pedal-power to activate lights. The aim is to illuminate the entire column of eight so that the rider is congratulated by an entertaining burst of lights and music. We can make this a team game, and you can give out rewards. It can be configured for children or adults.

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