Charity Information

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Everybody’s Cycling is a Community Benefit Society offering a range of fun and practical cycling events, activities, and programmes across the UK to encourage people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of cycling. We use our charitable status to develop innovative projects to encourage more people to cycle.

Everybody’s Cycling was previously a part of Get Cycling. We now operate as separate organisations, but we still work closely together.

See below for further details on our Community Shares.

Our Charitable Aims and Work

Everybody's Cycling CBS aims to promote, actively encourage and provide facilities for community participation in healthy recreation, with an emphasis on inclusive cycling, among people residing permanently or temporarily in York and the surrounding area.

Our Governance and Team

Everybody's Cycling CBS Ltd is a charitable Community Benefit Society registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (RS008016) and recognised by HMRC as an exempt charity for tax purposes. Our Members control and influence the society, represented by the Board of Directors – as we are a charitable CBS, we refer to these individuals as our Trustees. The Trustees work with our dedicated team of staff, led by Jim McGurn, and volunteers to accomplish our aims. Our annual reports provide further information from the Trustees about our work.

Community Shares

All of our Members have shares in Everybody's Cycling CBS – similar to how community groups invest in a local hydro-electric scheme or take over the village pub. Investments give strength to our worthwhile work. If you’d like to consider joining us as a shareholding Member you can find out a bit more about what’s involved in the most recent offer document. Feel free to get in touch to register your interest for when the next investment window opens.

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