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Welcome to Everybody's Cycling

We are a not-for-profit providing all kinds of cycling experiences, developed and refined over thirteen years for the public and private sector. We operate nationally and supply additional services in Yorkshire. Everybody’s Cycling is the ‘front end’ of Get Cycling, a charitable Community Benefit Society.

Community Shares

Get Cycling Community Benefit Society uses its charitable status to develop innovative projects, locally and nationally, to increase the status, popularity and uptake of cycling for everyday and leisure purposes. These are revenue-creating activities which also support workers and volunteers with barriers to employment.

Our start-up was financed by over 90 community shareholders, for whom we also provide direct services. There will at a later stage be another shares issue, for further expansion. If you wish us to keep your informed of this future opportunity please send us your name, address, and email. Plus your phone number if you wish. If you simply wish to donate you, of course, equally welcome to contact us.

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