Bike Try-Out Events

Conventional and intriguing cycles for fun and inclusive try-out events

From our wide range of cycles we select the ones best suited for your specific events or programmes: taking into account your venues, age range, required emphasis and, of course, your budget. Whether public or private, scaled down or maxed out, these events are among our most popular – meeting the needs of schools, businesses, colleges, local authorities, community groups, care homes and disability charities.

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Standard Bike Try-Out

These give participants the chance to experience our fleet of high quality conventional and non-conventional cycles in a fun and friendly environment. Our range includes city bikes, children’s bikes, trikes, eccentric-wheeled bikes, tandems, Dutch-style city bikes, recumbents, mini penny farthings and lots more. You can tell us what balance of cycle types you prefer.

We engage with participants and give out our 32-page beginners’ guide to cycling (which can be tailored to your area or audience for an additional fee). Our Standard Bike Try-Out event focuses on family fun, with cycles suitable for all ages. It’s perfect for city centres, parks, festivals, galas and community events. You can also add a choice of our seven pedal-powered arcade games, or perhaps one of our multi-person megabikes.

Inclusive Bike Try-Out

We specialise in cycling experiences for anyone with disabilities or support needs. These events can take almost any form, enabling those with special needs to enjoy out-of-breath exercise, independent mobility, improved motor skills, and social interaction. Our fleet of inclusive cycles includes: tricycles, recumbents, wheelchair transporters, wheelchair tandems, steer-from-the-rear tandems, handcycles and companion cycles.

 We give individuals, carers, families and disability professionals the chance to explore and learn about the wide range of options available. These events have proven extremely popular with disability charities, and at festivals and community events. An ideal venue is a sports hall with additional access to an outdoor area. We also offer fully supported residential cycling holidays for people with disabilities.

Junior Bike Try-Out

We set this out as a small arena with ten to 15 cycles, providing fun, exercise and social interaction for children up to seven years of age. It includes balance bikes, trikes and quite a few ‘exotics’ to excite the children. This is a fun fixture for private parties, street parties, or for adding to a festival or community event.

The Junior Try-Out is popular with early years education providers and often booked as an accompaniment to one of our standard try-out shows, or combined with our Pedal-Powered Arcade attractions, to create a truly family-friendly day of fun.

KMX Kart Try-Out

Our KMX Kart events allow teenagers, adults and children over the age of seven to enjoy the thrill of speed! These lightweight machines, travelling just inches off the ground on a designated track, are always a big hit. Our fleet of recumbent KMX Karts are frequently the choice of community groups and organisers looking to enliven family-orientated events.

Inflatable Track

This comes with pedal karts supplied in children’s and adults’ sizes. On request we can bring other types of cycle instead. At a special school recently we even had two wheelchair transporter tricycles ‘racing’ round! This inflatable track is ideal for outdoor or indoor events but please note that we do not supply a base: users ride on the existing floor, grass or tarmac. Our staff supervise the activity throughout. Dimensions: 18mx10m, and we need an electricity supply for the blower.

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We have created and delivered a vast array of fun, professional cycling events throughout the UK and further afield. We are always happy to answer questions about those we’ve tried and tested, or work with you to create something unique.

To find out more or to request a quote please call 01904 636812, email  or fill in the contact form below.

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