Multi-Seat MegaBikes

Delighting onlookers and riders alike, our MegaBikes are spectacular human-powered pedalling machines

Perfect for team building exercises, as event transportation or as a central event feature, these Megabikes have proven extremely popular with universities, businesses and private individuals. They have been used at community and commercial events, weddings, parties and fundraisers - they always evoke a smile and are, quite simply, a whole lot of fun!

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Bike Bus

Our quadricycle Bike Bus is both fun and practical – coming in handy as either the focus of an event or as a way of ferrying people around it. The Bike Bus has seats for eleven (including the ‘pilot’ and two child seats for younger passengers at the very front), with six pedalling positions. One of our friendly team members is usually on hand to ‘pilot’ the Bike Bus as part of the hire fee, or we can train a responsible adult to take on this role.

Circle Cycle

This seven-seat cycle – also known as the 'Conference Bike' – accommodates six passengers. Everyone on board faces inwards and pedals together, making this a great model for team-building and lots of fun whether it’s an experience shared by colleagues, classmates, friends or family. Generally, we provide a pedal-happy ‘pilot’ as part of the hire fee, but we can provide training to self-pilot the Circle Cycle if required.


Our lovely Rickshaw is a popular choice amongst colleges and universities, as well as at small cycling events and weddings. You have the option to hire the Rickshaw with one of our equally lovely team members to ‘pilot’ the trike, or to elect a member of your own entourage as the designated driver. Frequently serviced and completely road legal, our Rickshaw can be easily decorated to match the theme of your event.

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We have created and delivered a vast array of fun, professional cycling events throughout the UK. We are always happy to answer questions about those we’ve tried and tested, or work with you to create something unique.

To find out more or to request a quote please call 01904 951900, email or fill in the contact form below.

Cycling Events & Programmes

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