Inclusive Cycling

Specialist & adapted cycles for inclusive events & services

We specialise in cycling experiences for anyone with disabilities or support needs. With our fleet of inclusive cycles, we aim to enable those with special needs to increase independence, mobility, and wellbeing though cycling.

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Inclusive Bike Try-Out

One of our most popular events, offering those with disabilities or support needs the chance to experience a range of cycles in a fun and friendly environment. Our amazing fleet of adapted cycles include tricycles, recumbents, wheelchair transporters, companion cycles, steer from the rear tandems and hand cranked bikes, ideal for those in wheelchairs. Our try-out events give individuals, carers, families, and disability professionals the chance to ride a wide selection of cycles, improve their riding skills and learn more about the wide range of options available.

Family Fun Days

Aimed to encourage everyone in the family, no matter age or ability, to enjoy the fun of cycling. We can add lots of different ingredients, including our static pedal-powered attractions, which are also adaptable for those with special needs. Try our adapted cycles including wheelchair transporters, recumbents, tricycles, tandems and handcycles.

Guided Bike Rides

We can provide companion cycling for those less able, so everyone can feel the wellbeing benefits of cycling. We have our own fleet of adapted cycles and trained staff who can take you on short, supported rides along cycle-paths and mostly traffic free routes. These guided rides are ideal for care homes, disability support groups and schools. We can arrange one off visits or more frequent sessions to suit you.

Bike Maintenance Workshops

We can design a course to suit your needs and we’re happy to offer training on a one-to-one basis, or tailor something to suit your group. Courses and classes can be hosted here in York, or at a location that’s more convenient for you.

Our qualified cycle mechanics offer valuable experience and training for all cyclists. If you fancy learning the basics in maintenance and repairs our approachable, knowledgeable trainers can help. Topics covered may include M-checks, seat, brake and gear adjustments, as well as puncture repairs and the replacement of inner tubes. Our introductory training sessions can be tailored to suit different settings, age ranges and abilities.

Speak to the Events Team

We have created and delivered a vast array of fun, professional cycling events throughout the UK. We are always happy to answer questions about those we’ve tried and tested, or work with you to create something unique.

To find out more or to request a quote please call 01904 951900, email  or fill in the contact form below.

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